First-generation Egyptian American

who dreaded getting up routinely in the morning for her 9-5 job. As a millennial, she showed an overwhelming interest in social media and always enjoyed making others laugh at her day-to-day struggles.


After lighting up social media and showing the world what life's like in a multi-generational Arab household, Mai recently made it official with her sweetheart Max by taking that big step - marriage.

Nobody has been more instrumental than Mama Wafaa along this wild ride of bringing home into Mai’s heart! Now their new adventures are just beginning as they set out to create memories together and learn all things family...just don't ask them how many kids they plan on having

Comedic Content Creator

With a life's calling to shed light on her struggles and reach out to others with similar experiences. While being aware of negative stereotypes associated with being an Arab in America, she decided to share her light-hearted nature to counter negative views and portray them in a positive manner through comedy.

International Speaker

As Mai has been making her mark in the "Real World", she has travels globally to share her message and serves as a leader to how humor will help enlighten others on her background and encourages women to follow their dreams and become influential for generations to come.